Wednesday, June 10, 2009


So, we've decided to play World of Warcraft again. It's amazing to see how much World of Warcraft Wrath of the Lich King expansion is alot like Everquest 2. Since Blizzard began designing smaller raids and changing talents, it was easy to see that both were similar games on different time tables. Let's take a look at whats new:

Solo Content:
One thing that WoTLK implements very well is vehicle game play. A player can interact, fight with, and along side vehicles, animals, or sometimes giants and control their UI. I akin it to the old Coercer ability in EQ2, possession, before it was changed, but a hell of alot cooler.
Another thing that Blizzard does really good, is phasing. It's a form of instancing within a zone. It's almost like changing realities during game play. This allows Blizzard to be very creative and weave multilevel progression of storyline. As an immersion tool, I found it very entertaining.
Allowing all players to interact with the storyline and to see the focus of the expansion, Arthas is probably the most praising attribute about WoTLK. Through quests that phase, a player constructs zones relative to their point in the questline which also follows around the villain.

Grouping Content:

Gone are the painful faction grinds and access requirements from Burning Crusade. A player can choose to run non Heroics or otherwise Normal instances that begin at lvls 71-80. At level 80 a player can choose a talbert from the many factions from the solo quest series in various zones and recieve faction from any 80 zone be it normal or heroic. Because the loot is so much better in Heroic Modes of the dungeons, players often opt for these.
Heroic dungeons aren't overly difficult in Wrath of the Lich King. Many of these dungeons don't require certain classes for crowd control and players bringing two dps'n Death Knights shouldn't have trouble.
The end boss of each of the instances drops an epic item. Players will recieve 3-5 tokens from each of the bosses and can save them to purchase gear. The Vendor is shared by Heroic 5mans and release WoLK 10man raids. There are many items including tier 7 chest and gloves. Another cool introduction to WoLK are Heirloom items that bind to an account. By purchasing Heirloom items with tokens, a player is able ensure that his next twink is badass.


PvPers can delight in a PvP zone with vehicles and utilize a vendor just like in the 5man Heroics. When either side wins the zone, the winners side can recieve Stonekeepers Shards which are awarded serverwide for killing any boss.


To be continued..

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